So, what is a gooseberry anyway?

A gooseberry is a small round green fruit from Western Asia and India. It is high in vitamin C and is thought to have important medicinal qualities.

Apart from this they are pretty tasty – kind of sweet and kind of tart (and kind of cute!)

Photo taken at Ville Parle Produce Market, Mumbai, India

What’s In a Name?
So why the name Gooseberry Press? I’ll tell you!

Names are funny things. I always like to hear why or for who or what a thing is named – usually there is a story behind it…so, why Gooseberry Press? Well, back in college my boyfriend (now my husband) started calling me “gosling”. I’m really not sure why but it stuck and he still calls me that. In addition to this, if I had to describe my personality I would say that I am just like the fruit – sort of sweet and sort of tart. Also, their origin is India – just like me. So, when it came time to come up with a name for our fledgling company I started to think about all of the things that I like and appealed to me. It came to me one day that it should be something that represented me…ta da! Gooseberry Press.


Questions or comments?

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