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The Sketchbook Project

The Sketchbook Project

I recently found out about a way cool project that anyone can participate in. The Sketchbook Project is a crowd-sourced art project that will be included in a traveling exhibition and eventually wind up as part of the collection at the Brooklyn Art Library. The thing I love best about their idea, is that truly anyone can participate…how fun is that?

Brooklyn Art Library


American Made Awards


I just wanted to share some news…

Gooseberry Press is a nominee for Martha Stewart’s American Made Awards. You can see our story and read all about the other amazing creatives that are in the running.

Maybe we will end up as a finalist…I’m keeping my fingers crossed!

Hello and Goodbyes

Hello and welcome to the Gooseberry Press Blog! For those of you have visited before you may have noticed that I am a sporadic blog poster at best. Well, I’m starting fresh. So, thanks for visiting and I hope you check out the blog more often…I’ll do my best to keep things, well – fresh.

We said good-bye to our beloved home in San Francisco at the end of May. My family and I lived in the gorgeous Balboa Terrace area on the West side of San Francisco for about 5 years, in our Spanish style home that we remodeled ourselves. Just a 7 minute walk from the little West Portal shopping district and Muni Tunnel, we loved every aspect of our neighborhood, from the beautiful architecture of the surrounding homes, our view of the Pacific Ocean, Aptos Park – a favorite of our daughter, being able to walk her to school at Commodore Sloat Elementary and Sunday walks at Fort Funston with our dog Kricket. We will miss it tremendously but we just needed a change. The sun and warmer weather called to us and we finally decided to say good-bye to the fog. It was a hard decision but we look forward to sun filled days in the South Bay. Oh, we’ll visit often I’m sure, but it won’t be the same. As we get settled in our new place, the sun is warming up the house to a happy 72 degrees and I can’t help but laugh that we will never need to turn on our heater in the middle of June, again.

In my new studio, I have piles and piles of things waiting to be sorted through and organized. Apart from custom projects, I haven’t had much time to work on Gooseberry Press designs but I look forward to getting back to work and I’m excited for new experiences and new places.

Good bye for now, I promise not to be a stranger. If you are lucky enough to have lots of sunshine – I hope you can get out there and enjoy it! For those of you in the fog – think warm thoughts :)